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1950 Sleeper Split, a postmodern old skool split !


Bam! This is a car! This is a desirable car! And a car that ticks a lot of the boxes on your wanted list for sure!

First the classic details;

This baby with VIN 1-0164152  left the factory on May 15 from the year 1950 in a nice black paint direction of Sweden. It was (and is) a deluxe that means they mounted hydraulic brakes since two months. A small calculation with VIN nrs learned us this car was within the first badge of 10.000 beetles that came with hydraulic brakes.

Second a little history;

This baby was more than likely stored in barn after its duty, and been picked up by hunters a mere 20 orso years ago. It was brought to Belgium where it was converted into what you see today, nicely deep grey paint, slightly lowered, painted bumpers and a set of cool polished Empi wheels. Must have been late nineties or early two thousands as I see what parts they exactly used. About 9 years ago it was sold and disappeared to Eastern Europe in a larger split window collection. And now we, at, brought it back, we kind a like it (a lot) and think it looks like a million… we called it with pride a postmodern old skool split! It’s exactly like we drove them 20 years ago!

Third the facts;

This baby is very well dressed, although no real information came from previous owners it is very clear this rhinestone gem was built with a lot of care, attention and eye to every detail. The lever shocks in the back are replaced with hydraulics, a conversion we saw before. The rear suspension was lowered on its splines, the (original) front axle has been equipped with a set of adjusters, a typical conversion for that time.

The rear kept its brake drums, the front was equipped with a CSP disc brake kit, must have been one of the very first ones of these!

The body is rock solid (as the chassis) no traces of extensive bondo nor old damage or collision. It got  real split window doors in exceptional good condition, an all correct front hood and matching engine lid! Bumpers are nicely ribbed color coded to the body. And off course a cool red tip radio antenna in the middle before the front windshield, where it belongs!

Interior is the minus on this baby (and makes it a cool car at an affordable price) we don’t like it, it look cheap and we agree this has to be replaced. But the good news here is that the seats are still the original split seats, only the upholstery is kind a sad to see. For sure we can help to bring the interior back to split standards, in the colors of your choice. We can provide this service at cost if You want us to.

Furthermore the inside is very cool…. A lot of original touches besides a full control of Autometer gauges (working!) under the dash. There is a nice Banjo steering wheel and an ugly modern radio nicely tucked away behind an all original period correct Bakelite glove box door (right side glove box).

And last but not least let’s talk power… as said little history is known, and no tech details came along, but from what we see, hear and tested, we would say the engine is an 1914 cc (94mm x 69) it hauls ass for sure and is a real screamer, dual Webers with a Berg linkage and balancer pulley, we see a lot of goodies, the engine is real well build with eye for detail and care, and it flies, really flies!

This engine brings a lot of power to the wheels so the necessary freeway flier trans was mounted to give that power a straight line to the tarmac!

Fourth the conclusion;

If You don’t believe me I can fully believe, this baby is so hard to believe, so check the pictures first they will give You an idea, but actually don’t do justice as coming by and see this monster in the flesh!!! Always welcome!!

Price is better as You should think, it’s absolutely NOT expensive for its total “ready to go” concept, the minus of the interior is off  course the trigger for the good price!

Contact us now, this baby is hot… Postmodern oldskool, this is what MY generation of VW guys used to drive, our dream cars, our underdog turtles…. A pure revolution from the pure Ca look cars form the eighties, this is CULT baby… oh yeah!


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