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1950 Split window beetle, never restored, full matching numbers!


This rather rare Bordeaux red split window beetle comes from one family ownership according to the previous owner, although we didn’t find any proof of that, this car is a real survivor! Or how many split window beetles You still find on their own original 16 inch wheels?

This car is full matching numbers, with its original front axle, rear axle, engine, body and chassis all belong to each other since the day of its assembly somewhere in November 1950.

The car has still its original cardboard looking “Fahrzeugbrief” from Germany with all its license plates, VIN and engine number and all specs.

You can ask any German how extremely rare it is to find a car with its original “pappe brief” especially where there’s also the old German black and white license plate KB073-861 shown, the later license plate B-DM631 got the car in April 24 of the year 1951, but in the same registration letter, now how cool is that? Who does know all the plates his car ever had? ! Oh by the way the this “Brief” also contains the new sticker price of the car @ 5150 D-marks…J

The body was updated a few times, and some panels are replaced (like some fenders) but partially the car still carries the original bordeaux red paint, one of the nicest color schemes split window beetles came in!

The most beautiful part of this car is the all original interior. I cannot remember from all over the 75 split window beetles we ever owned one with a better, nicer or more original interior, this is really THE BEST!

This car drives and brakes and ready to bring You where You want, we drove it to the Split and oval window day in Holland in the spring without any troubles.

A real car for a real enthusiast. If You can go crazy about details and originality, this car has plenty on offer… and even not all details are correct, this car breaths a lot of history way more as any of its restored brothers, this is real, You can smell it, taste it, feel it, see it and enjoy it…or simply inhale it!

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