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1950 Standard Split window beetle, top restored in Bordeaux red


This super cute baby left the Wolfsburg assembly lines on May 09 of the year 1950. Finished as a standard version in the rather rare color of L51 Bordeaux red  it left the factory on May 19 1950  destination of Switzerland where it was sold to its first owner by famous Swiss VW importer “Der Neue AMAG”.

This baby is very nicely and extreme period correct restored by its previous owner. Rotisserie paint job, semi-gloss black chassis, all bolts with 14mm heads as it should, you name it, this cutie is build up completely to factory specs!

Also the eye to detail is all over the car, headlights, taillights, grooved semaphores, bonnets, doors fenders, bumpers, you name it and this baby got it….

Inside …. the interior is to die for, this is exactly as Volkswagen made them back in the day. Being a standard means it has the small headliner, so even inside You have a lot of joy from the beautiful Bordeaux red paintjob as a standard has less upholstery…J The seats are high class upholstered in the correct cord brown material and the German weaved beige loop carpet is 100% exactly like original! The rubber floor mats are high quality German reproduction to factory standards.

Mechanical wise this baby was fully overhauled, brakes, front axle, transmission and engine can be considered “as new”! The car is not matching number, but the engine case with original stamped number is period correct made in August 1950. This case is still made in aluminum (not magnesium as used from January 19 1951 on and way more easy to come by). So to say this car is completely period correct, very important.

All this turns this uber-cool standard split window beetle in to a piece of candy like jewel. Its very period correct with most if not all details correct…

Standards are so cool looking with their pure and basic lines and no nonsense expression, “Less is More” makes that this car is looking the real deal. Early standards are the Volkswagens that come closest to the initial forms and body lines of the initial Peoples car, designed for the German citizens in the roaring thirties… pure design, pure history, pure passion!

If You ever dreamed of a nice Standard split window beetle this is your chance to make to bring that dream into reality!


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