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1951 Belgian delivered brown split window beetle.


This baby left the Wolfsburg assembly line on June 11 1951 with destination of Belgium. Later on the original owner family moved to the Vosges area in France…

The last owner, a well-respected friend of Da BBT Houze, bought this sweetie from the granddaughter of the original owner. However, that gentleman never had a driver’s license and never learned how to drive a car. So it was the lady’s father and son of the original owner who was the driver and who drove the whole family with the little splittie all over the place! Small detail, the grand daughter was 4 years old when her granddad brought the splittie home. Pictures and letters are coming along in this transaction! A real well remarkable history.

This baby was restored in the late nineties … unfortunately to the standards from back then being “upgraded” in some ways. Apparently, a donor 1959 beetle helped gaining some modernity with the lights and the fenders that had been replaced along with 15 inches wheels, the decklid and the engine. A healthy 30hp (36Sae for You US brothers and sisters) engine has been mounted for an upgrade in power.

Some of these swaps have been modified back to correct already, like the engine lid, and the wheels… the car sits now on correct 16 inch wheels, and the engine lid is back to the correct W decklid with correct “Pope Nose” license light. Heart taillights have been fitted to the car and the original semaphores have been changed to oval window ones, as the oe version were lost at time of restoration.

The interior was made with correct German materials. And all mechanics are well sorted out, the car still remains its original 6 volt system. 4 wheel cylinders recently been replaced with correct ATE German ones.

Besides some smaller defaults in the paint the car still looks like a million, is nice and shiny and presents itself “live” a lot better as on any picture!

An ubercool driver split, the perfect entry base in splitwindow paradise for an affordable price…

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