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1951 Belgian standard split window beetle in TOP restored condition!


This superb standard split window beetle is accurately restored in its original L90 Sand Beige color. Exact like it left the factory. The car was delivered brand new to D’Ieteren, the Volkswagen importer of Belgium. D’Ieteren dressed out standard beetles regularly with some chrome livery to boost sales. Typical for Belgium standard beetles been delivered to the dealers with chrome bumpers, hubcaps and handles, sometimes also moldings, but on this car they kept the original pinstriping. The two tone wheels was also an extra D’Ieteren did in order to gain more sales. All this gave these cars the name “Belgian Standard Beetles”. How many they dressed up like that is unknown, but for sure almost all they sold have been dressed up, Belgian people always try to give some extra…J

The previous owner decided to restore this cool standard beetle exactly as it was sold new to its first owner and succeeded very well! The condition today is how the car must have been in the showroom back in the day. No cost was spared to bring this car back to its original condition. To start we have all original hoods and original doors from this car. There’s 4 correct all original fenders, correct running boards, lights, handles, bumpers etc. everything mounted with the 14mm head bolts where necessary. Before 1955 there was no DIN norm and therefor did M8 bolts carry a 14mm head with certain manufacturers… DIN norms brought the necessary standardization and from there it changed to 13mm heads…

But there is more, also the chassis is meticulously restored… with its original front axle, rebuild transmission and period correct 25 hp engine, unfortunately not matching numbers, but all correct for car and year. Check the pictures for all details, it’s unbelievable how much detail there is to check out.

But my most favorite part of a standard is the interior… I can drool hours over how spartan they could make the interior, with its three spoke steering wheel and small headliner and so much paint inside the car, it’s all shiny! The seats are a chapter on its own, to adjust with loosening a couple of wing screws. How can You not fall in love with so much simplicity….

Maybe a standard is not everybody’s cup a tea, but it’s the closest to the original people car concept man can go. Deluxe and export versions are a couple of steps closer to modern cars, standards are more pure and simple, it will be hard not to like them…

This car is perfect, the only thing as a negative we can say is the non-matching numbers engine, and that has a reflection in the price, what makes this car is a bargain for the quality You get. Approved and assured by our 35 years of nothing else as Volkswagen experience!

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