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1951 Black beauty split window of your dreams.


This is a real cool split window in a lovely black livery sold new in Sweden.

Black is THE color for a split window beetle, more classy they will never come…

Build and delivered in March of 1951 this baby is coming with its birth certificate that shows the L41 Black color is original on this car!

The body was real good with only minor body work, what makes this car a stand out example. Unfortunately some fenders been replaced with later examples, but doors and hoods are all original to this car.

Inside the interior is a gem, previous owner payed over 7000 euro’s to have the interior done as it is! Well I must honestly confess that price shows off! The headliner, carpets, door panels and seat covers, it’s all state of the art with all best German fabrics used of the highest quality. It’s simply one of the nicer interiors we ever had.

Mechanically we rebuild the engine, what seems to us the original 25hp but with a previous rebuild by Scania, the Swedish VW importer. Scania in their years re stamped the engine at rebuild always starting with KDSxxx. Nobody I ever met could explain why they did that and how or if there’s a register of those numbers.

Anyway we rebuild the engine again and dressed correct periodically. The car drives like a real cool split window now. The cool 25 hp engine coupled on the original fully crash gearbox drives exactly like it did in 1951! The original front axle is also rebuild, and everything works nicely… just one fine driving splittie!

This car is a beast… it might have some imperfections, it also has a lot of history, and before all it has a real cool price tag, way better as any other split in similar condition on the entire market!

We have splits in all price levels, therefor we can price them up better and more correctly as anybody else…;-) Your worldwide split window headquarters!

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