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1951 Standard split window beetle


I kind a like this car a lot, it speaks to me… :-)

Ok, it’s not all original, it has later fenders, it has later bumpers and even the taillights are nicely chromed, they’re still a model 10 years too late for the split window beetle. But the total concept is cool! It’s a driving standard split window so it still features its cable brakes, its fully crash gearbox and its Spartan interior (we redid the door panels as they we’re missing)  seats and headliner are still good shape and exactly the same this baby left the Wolfsburg factory on a nice and sunny day in the month of May 1951. The front seats features the real rare accessory to incline the backrests!

The body is good, they welded in later bumper brackets in the rear, but that’s about it… all the rest seems very original to us…

So what to do??? Well buy this baby, enjoyed it, drive it around, and learn, and then if You really want to, throw it apart and give it a full resto… this is your real easy project!

Being dressed with all the later part reflects very much in the price, despite its even a real nice clean car, we priced it very economically!  So this can be your change to buy a cheap driving split window beetle…

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