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1952 “Zwitter” split window beetle in more than lovely patina in absolute original paint!


1952 “Zwitter” split window beetle in more than lovely patina in absolute original paint!

This lovely zwitter spend all its life very far North, in the Swedish country side. Always been taken  really good care for it and it survived wonder well… part of its life it was the favorite play toy for the family kids (believe me or not) .

We brought this beloved one after a long storage to Belgium and started the BBT  “cleanup and prep” program. This was taken seriously with a complete and very serious rebuild of the original 25hp engine. We equally rebuild the complete brake system. Thoroughly check on all electrics, all new fluids, grease, and a deep deep down clean up after years of gaining dust. The previous owner had started the restoration, but never came any further as partially dismantle the car and the paint of the wheels and engine lid, thanks God!

We brought it all back together…. the result is a stunning patina survivor all ready for a second youth! This is a perfect driver quality car. It will bring You everywhere and is just a stunning patina looker. Old cars should look old, don’t they? This for sure it does!

This baby became a real fine driver, a car that’s ready to turn heads wherever You bring it and will assure You many kilometers of pure driving fun only a good old original VW can give You….

Inside the car has a marvelous original interior with its genuine upholstery in very pretty original condition! Seats, door panels, carpets, and even headliner…. All original to this car, and gives You the perfect impression of how it should have been …. How many original emergency brake covers You ever saw still in place, original heater knobs or original carpets???? ?

I really wish you could smell the inside of the car, so pure and original, that good old smell… only in good old Volkswagens….proof of authenticity!

The Birth certificate and data sheet from the Wolfsburg museum are coming along to replace the original paperwork that went lost while the car was in storage for so many years. The museum confirmed the rebuild 25 Hp engine is the original to the car, so this is a real matching numbers, no substitute!

Nothing beats the sight of a zwitter, the only split with alu bezel in the rear window rubber! This particular one also has extremely cool badges on its original (3 hinge bolts) front hood…. Many more “zwitter only” details, like dull molding (zwitter never had anodized molding!) Or the very specific front hood handle, exact like later ovals, but one piece casted and also not chromed or anodized. Inside it’s the dome light without switch that catch our interest, and the special 6 months only speedo with divided indicator idiot light or the little starter button left from the steering wheel… or the ignition lock that only has one position or…. We can write a full list with all specs… but…. our most favorite part on this car? We simply crack for its original Heart taillights….  nothing beats patina as much as real nice and natural patina, a look You can’t duplicate…. The summum of “old”.

We will not make You believe this car has nothing in regards of rust or corrosion, but a simple view under the back seat in the corners will proof You this car is far better as the average! We don’t want to hide anything, the reason we didn’t cover the underside with paint or undercoating or “rust prevention” we kept it like it was after cleaning, so You see what you buy and how good this car is. For sure it needs something, but very very little, and is a perfect driver even just like it is!

Original splits we towed out of barns so many back in the day, but lately it’s a big hurray every time we can find a car like this… and this is not an exception… original cars are very very hard to find, barns are empty…. Originality is hard to find. Sad the previous owner took it partially apart but I think we brought it nicely back together!

Hopefully You like this car as much as I do,! Imagine to drive it as is, just beautiful, unbelievable and VW magic like fireworks! I love it!

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