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1952 Split window cruizer, a cool set of vintage wheels!


This baby saw light in Wolfsburg in August of the holey year of 1952, with the zwitter around the corner produced from October 1952 we can say this a real late production splittie!

As far as we could find out this cute little split was delivered from new in Norway, very very high North. Its really strange to find cars from the early fifties as Norway was absolutely not the rich country back then what it is today. The previous owner bought the car in July 2016 in Bodø, Norway and brought it to his place in Holland. Bodø lies just south of the polar circle, a cool little city where You can take the ferry to the Lofoten Islands, something you should do one day in your life, believe me! But because the car lived so far North, it also has almost no rust or corrosion. This baby is rock solid!

After been officially imported (remember Norway is not part of EU, so there’s borders and customs) the car was played and driven for a while until the owner decided to liquidate his Volkswagen collection and called us… well the car is here now in the big BBT building and we decided to put it up for sale…

It’s a cool looking car in a not original graphite metallic paint and it sits on a set of cool Empi 5 spoke wheels. It has an incredible cool original interior with still original upholstery, how many cars have that? Did You ever sit in a split? You should do for sure… nothing beats split seat time…

Because the Norwegian owner drove the split daily he replaced the 25Hp engine and fully crash gearbox with a more powerful and easy to drive 30HP drive train (that’s 36HP Sae for our American friends) from an oval window. The car fires right up and drives like a beast! As mentioned in our title, this is just a cool cruiser, a real split, a real summer driver!

Priced at an entry level for a new split owner, this baby is worth every single penny, just because it’s so cool!

Just a fun split to sit in it!

Don’t delay and call us today…for more information and or pricing…


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