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1953 Belgian oval window beetle in very original condition.


This very original oval window left Wolfsburg assembly plant with VIN n° 1-0536348 in September of the year 1953, must have been a real modern car back then as the model from Split window to oval window changed only a couple of months earlier.

Sold brand new in Belgium the car was used till 1979 (last oil change Dec 03 1978) when it was turned in for a new Renault. The dealership sold this beauty to a very early collector in Holland who only had it in storage all this years. In 2012 it was picked up by a real vintage enthusiast and prepped for street use, all original, besides he lowered it just one notch. He enjoyed it fully and drove it very regularly till fall 2018 when he decided to sell it to us.

This baby is very original, largely still in its original factory paint. Mechanics are original too, except for the engine. Original engine is missing but the car runs superbly with its period correct 30 DIN hp (that’s 36 SAE hp for our US brothers)engine. The car is a real driver and once You start it is hard to stop play it around, as it is a super cool driver and behave incredible well!

The front hood has real rust and we doubt if You can keep, although everything is possible. There’s also a little work in the front wheel wells… left and right, nothing bad but should be fixed before take it back on the street. The rest of the car is real good, dry and solid.

The real cool about this car is the interior. If you’re a lover of original interior, this is THE car for your as the cloth interior is still 100% original. imagine after all this years!!

A real cool original early oval window, ready to enjoy and ready for driving, this is your change, don’t delay contact us today!

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