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1955 - Oval super barnfind in most lovely Stratos silver


15 Years of dust we include in this sale… this is about how long this oval was out of service, after its long working life and sitting in a barn gaining… right, yes, dust!

This baby is an unbelievable time capsule that needs restoration, but you better start with an original and complete car as a parted out wreck, right? Look under the seat covers, a virgin upholstery…. Don’t your hands starts tingle to attack this cutie?

This car is over complete, still has everything, all original, totally NOT messed up , but needs all the welding. Who will save this cool baby?

Build in April 1955 and its still matching numbers so really worth saving!

Untouched ovals are getting harder these day, so we’re very happy we “scored” again and can offer this baby for public sale! This again, is a type of Beetle we like so much and we can stand behind for 200% or even more! Grab your change and contact us today! 

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