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1956 Real cool original oval window beetle


Here we have a real cool and original Volkswagen oval window beetle, never been mismatched, never modified, always looked and kept bone stock.

The body is to dream off, we couldn’t find any repairs worth mentioning . the whole car is rock solid and never messed up!

Inside is even better, a cool original interior. All panels, headliner and upholstery is original, we only changed the front seat covers because they needed badly repairs. For sure we bought the original German material in “punktchenblau”  to redo the seats, with original stitching etc…

Mechanical wise this baby drives like a dream. Just a real cool oval window with its bullet proof 30 Din HP (that’s 36 SAE for our American friends) mechanics and uberstrong split case gearbox… they drive forever. This baby is no exception, if You drive this car You immediately understand why the Volkswagen beetle became a myth. This was light years ahead of anything else produced in 1956.

All in all this baby is completely ready for You, ready for the road and ready for a whole bunch of cool outings, a little picnic in the park, a cool drive through the Black Forest, discovering the Alps as our grandparents did, or just a lazy afternoon cruizin… your choice … anyway to make sure You can do what you want to do the roofrack comes along to carry whatever you want wherever you want as part of the deal…

Real cool unmessed ovals like this don’t show up every day anymore, so if you’re interested, just let us know and let’s talk, this baby might become yours!

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