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1957 Oval window convertible, real Cal Look age survivor


 1957 Oval window convertible, real Cal Look age survivor, rock solid, 2.0liter and Porsche 356 A brakes!

Restored, build, enjoyed and stored nice and dry in the garage light years ago, found by coincidence by a BBT hunter and picked up by yours truly himself… that’s at short the history of this former super smooth show winner! Can You feel the summer already??? Definitely I did when I saw this car, one big piece of opportunity here!!!

This baby comes very complete , with all special oval convertible only parts… easy project… Super smooth with the steel Porsche style rims that hide the aluminum Porsche 356 A brakes… complete and functioning! The all original mint condition W- Convertible decklid, …. makes me drooling!!!! All parts come along too, also the rear window, vent wings etc etc… a real cool project!

Interior is your typical eighties style, and ready for a re-upholstery, this car is so easy to make bone stock again! Even the very specific Oval window convertible “flip” mirror is still in place…

Rock solid also in the luggage compartment behind the rear seat… if You restored an oval window convertible before You know how poor this area can be, but not this car…

The car needs floor plates if you want to make it right, but that’s all, … and they even don’t look too bad at all… but need replacement. We do stock those in BBT parts dept, absolutely no problem at all. The rest of the body looks so nice, I can’t resist cars like this, I just LOVE original metal…:) There might be “some” work on the chassis strengtheners, but nothing real bad, all is easy to repair, not to replace! Aren’t we all dreaming from this condition bumper brackets???? Spare wheel well is clean and solid too, no rust, no old collision damage… just like a good car is supposed to be… this one is Bob approved… for sure!

Saved the best for last… 2.0 liter engine… professional re-awakened from its “hibernation” with new carburetors etc… turns like a Swiss watch… and has loads of power!!

This is a cool project, and very price worth, but off course the Porsche brakes, serious High performance engine, all the “special” parts in place and the solid condition add up some money on its own.. But if You want to return it to “bone stock” there is some money to get back from the brakes and the engine as well. And the saving in welding justify our price more then ever! This is original German 50’s metal… not Chinese imitation repop from the modern century…

Sorry, we will not sell this car to just anybody…we really want to go this car to a good new and caring owner who knows what he talks about or want to learn at least seriously! This is heritage, not just a toy! Proof us that the caring new owner could be You! Contact us today for more information…

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