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1960 Ragtop , a real cool project beetle.


This baby rolled of the Wolfsburg assembly lines in November of the year 1959. What it makes a 1960 model year.

This is a project. It need floorplates and the rear clip is only bolted between the fenders. Long time ago the original rear clip was cut to make this car a Baja Bug.

The body is reasonable hard and dry and don’t need a lot of welding. That’s the reason we bought this baby, we like solid bodies.

Inside the dashboard etc is still believed to be original paint. This is not a 250 times painted and dismantled car, here’s still a lot of purity. For sure enough originality what talked to us from the moment we saw the car.

Mechanics should be overhauled, its more or less all there, engine is seized so a complete rebuild should be considered.

I kind a like the way it sits and begging, take me with You and please fix me, I will serve You forever…. Well anyway, we cracked, bought it, brought it home and played it a bit, can you resist?

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