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1963 Street legal Hi Performance beetle with factory ragtop


This beetle feature a factory ragtop and roll like that of the Volkswagen assembly lines in June 1963.

The car is restored somewhere in the beginning of the millennium and is still in an astonishing perfect condition. No rust, rot, holes whatsoever. Only shiny paint on this baby!

This sweet piece a candy is powered by a 2.3 litre engine with about 140 hp. Dyno test report comes along in the transaction. Unfortunately we do not have too many details about the power plant as the engine builder preferred to keep these to himself.

We do know that the combustion chambers of the polished and ported CB 044 heads are filled by a set of Weber 48IDA carbs pushed by a Holley electric fuel pump, the real deal!

Scat rocker arms proof there was a lot of eye to detail and quality when the engine was build.

The combustion fumes are nicely guided through a stainless steel competition exhaust.

The gearbox is strengthened and supported with extra brackets.

The engine is freshly dialled in and fine-tuned, all ready to go and instant fun.

To stop all of this brute horsepower and torque this underdog comes with disc brakes all around.

Inside this little gem feature a full and tasteful handmade personalized interior detailed with red piping.

Beside for the show element the roll cage add to the safety standard although we really hope You will never need it. There’s also a setup of 3 Autometer gauges to check upon the engine. (RPM, Oil temp and oil pressure). All gauges and speedometer work. For those who like to burn some rubber it even has a fully operational line lock inside.

The car is in perfect condition and ready to enjoy immediately. Plug and play! We hereby like to give you an invitation for a personal inspection and at serious interest a real test drive so you can feel how good this baby really handles and how fast it is. A real beast in sheep clothing, or a super cool underdog, name it how You want, this baby is just a killer!

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