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1968 VW 1300 beetle in original condition


August 1967 was the big bang for Volkswagen models, square bumpers, upright headlights, bigger taillights to name only few of the changes of the new model year of 1968. For sure it was the first time that you could really see and recognize from every angle the new model year.

So when this baby was brought home from the dealership by its new owner in October of 1967 it must have been the talk of the street if not the town!

Must have been a proud new owner as he took really good care for it. Till 1991 when it was bought and received an optical restauration (call it a refresh) by last owner. From there it was always a collector car, and wasn’t driven by rain or bad weather anymore… pretty interesting history!

The car it selves is rock solid and the body is hardly touched. Best a rare find today for a Belgian delivered Volkswagen from 1967. The unusual color is L70F Chinchilla beige, or what’s in a name!

The mechanics look ok at first sight but we do recommend a complete tune up because of the car didn’t drive anymore for the last 7 or 8 years. This service is something we can provide at cost after purchase if you like it.

Yes, we’re happy we found another good Beetle we can offer here. If you’re on the lookout, plse feel free and come by and check this baby out. This is an extreme cool car!

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