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1971 1302S Strong driver with super cool sliding roof


The S model was the indication of Sport edition. They all came with 1600cc engine (for Europe 1300cc was still the normal) freeway flyer transmission with the 8:31 differential and disc brakes in the front. Many of us grew up with these 70’s cars and the 1302 and 1303S models where the ones we all wanted! Picking up this beauty and brought her home on her own wheels was just going back in time…

This baby is besides real pretty and good looking also a real well driver. Starts right up, idles well cold or warm, shifts smooth, clutch feels natural and brakes are very good. The mechanics are AAA+ for sure, tested and approved by yours truly.

Inside the car is also very clean and very original, seat covers and rubber carpets still original like this baby left the assembly lanes from the Volkswagen factories.

Underneath this honeybee was welded in the corners and also some smaller patches on the rockers.

Nothing that needs urgent care anymore, just a follow up like You do with all late beetles.

We cracked really for the appearance of this car in general. The L60D Elm green paint is all original inside, one repaint on the outside and is just candy for the eye! This baby stands right and man can tell that this is a pure and un-messed car that deserves a second life… is all about these kind a cars, pure cars, honest and simple and as original as can be. We’re proud we have another super baby from the late models under our roof, the cars we grew up with…

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