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1971 Volkswagen beetle convertible, amazingly restored, top condition!


This beetle was picked up by us in Dallas Texas in the fall of 2012. Rock solid as it was we bought it with small engine damage from a small (but highly VW specialized) shop in Dallas.

After arrival back then we sold the car to our main distributor in Budapest Hungary. These guys dismantled the car completely (body off) and restored the car as should had been a new one! When they finished the job the car was literally new!

Yes, you’re looking at a superb restored beetle convertible from the model year 1971. Superb, because it is as close to a new car as You come for an affordable price. The body, interior, hood, mechanical and brakes… everything and all was taken apart, cleaned, replaced, repaired checked, and assembled with the highest love and care one can imagine! This baby drives as new as a result from all that effort! Fact is because they started from a rock solid car the rigidity in mind blowing, really this is as close as it can be as driving a new Convertible out of the showroom in 1971!

Sunny summer rides, a classic rally or a road trip to the sun? Maybe just explore the beautiful Belgian Ardennes or a day trip to your local coast? This little gem awaits You ready to leave… All we expect from you is to contact us now so we can unite you two!

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