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1954 Barndoor Extreme


Here we offer a 11 window barndoor with Belgian provenance. In Belgian top collector hands since the late seventies.

We, @ BBT, know this baby since the mid-eighties, sitting in a collectors barn in between multi splits, ovals and…. Barndoor buses… changed owner only once ever since, it kind a feels like an honor they contacted us to sell this beauty.….

And a beauty it is. Mike, the previous owner really build the bus like no other! As there was hardly any welding  the body work was fairly easy. Yes you got that right , this is not a re heated dead body or a half or more Columbian metal bus. This is a bus with almost all metal Made In Wolfsburg, not a re incarnation, but a real beast, with over 95% of original metal!

For paint Mike choose Belgian’s best, Kevin just started up back in the day and is now only into expensive classic race cars. To be real honest Kevin’s body and prep are like no other!

Mechanics are made to drive, as that was Mike’s intention to do with the bus. 1600 single port engine matched to a straight axle Freeway Flyer build by one of our finest engine and transmission guys of the country, in business for over 40 years and recently retired. This guy made thousands of engines and trans!

Front and rear axle are dressed up with later bus brakes to stop and get possibility to fix breakdowns or replace easy when worn out. We must admit that is a real well braking barndoor bus!....;)

Electricity You can call overkill, but it’s all new and made by the guy Mike bought this bus from. Everybody that knows Jan will only agree when Jan does something, he does something right! With the electricity of Mike’s barndoor was no other… everything works, and behave flawlessly. Great job.

Being a VW nut himself Mike did all the body work and the assembly himself. He made the old postal style roofrack from scratch and also the custom interior is also from his own hands…

Loving metal shaping he made all aluminum panels, as belly pan under the front axle, but also as door panels, kick panels and even as headliner, now how cool is that?  

He made his own seats, state of the art. Check the middle opening lid in the front bench. And the entire upholstery was stitched by him and his sister. We couldn’t find any flaw! The middle bench is just for the theme, but the entire back can be transformed in one big bed!  Easy for sleeping over…:)

And last not but least, if you’re neighbor call Frank and is by coincidence one of the last real professional sign writers in your country well You better ask him if he wants to do the lettering of your bus, and Frank did it with big style…. Frank’s the best!

Well what Mike got after this mix from the best is the bus You see here, a real super beast. Check the signatures on the inner cargo doors, this bus is approved by many top guys out of the barndoor scene, so this baby will shoot you straight ahead into the deepest  Barndoor inner circles communities… this baby is so cool we even thought seriously to ad to BBT’s private collection, unfortunately we can’t keep them all… so hereby we like to offer this baby for sale…

Now this super baby can becomes yours, your chance to own one of the cooler buses on this planet! Don’t delay and contact us today… never come blame You missed it, it’s your own responsibility, we only have one to sell, sold is sold, gone is gone……..

Contact us now and all requests will be handled on a first come first serve base…


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