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1956 Wolfsburg build 11 window kombi with ubercool logo’s and patina


You're after a "REAL" bus? this is it... the change to find a bus that's made in Wolfsburg but is not a barndoor are far and between, pretty rare in other words, this is it, a real Wolfie split that gives the new owner a real ticket straight into to the inner circles of the bus crowd...

Previous owner (a friend of mine) gave up on this cutie, too many projects of his, gives You the ticket to buy this extreme rare super bus! Most of the welding is done, most of paint nicely blended in, this baby looks like an awesome patina bus. Some of the welding needs a slightly better finish, and some areas are not touched yet, like for an example the passenger cab floor. As always we can do this at cost.

This is a survivor “pur sang” no doubt about that, and cool as hell far and beyond!

This bus was originally from an East Coast radio station, Long Island to be precisely) The partially restored all original logos give it all back to you.  The original faded signwriting says it all.

Mechanically the engine do run (I drove it onto my trailer in California) but the entire bus needs a tune up, as always, a complete service before this baby can hit the public roads. Another service we can provide at cost.

This is a cool bus, just a vintage patina stock looker, or drop it and make it your own lowered box on wheels, choice is yours! Contact us today for all further information.



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