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1957 Palm Green Sand Green super cool chicken shed survivor!


Believe us or not but a BBT hunter rescued this baby in a chicken shed in Idaho. He found it on YouTube while studying micro farming! He immediately hooked up his trailer and drove through the night from California to Idaho. A Palm Green San Green kombi in original paint should not be in the chicken shed!

He really wanted to hold on to this crazy cool bus, and we had to show him a lot of dollars before he would let it go, it’s a very special bus after all. But we’re proud we did, and it’s for sure one of the coolest buses we could buy the last couple of years. Although we did a lot of cleaning and detail to this set of wunderwheels.

Its driving, braking, fires up right away. All electrics are working. That’s how far we went. To get it really nice roadworthy some more mechanical detail might be needed but that’s all what You want to do with it...

The body is crazy cool! It has some very small issues but it’s a real good body and its mostly all original paint with a cool patina!

Inside the dash is unmolested and complete, most panels are missing but the original front and rear bench are present, and do present well actually!

We love this bus to death, and we really hope to find a good new home for it! Can this be you? Well contact us and let’s talk! Buses with this high cool factor don’t appear often anymore, especially not with this kind a crazy history!

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