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1959 Westfalia SO23 Flip Top camper, all ready to go!


Not very often anymore, but sometimes we come across early Westfalia’s. Hens teeth rare stuff, guess for every early Westy man can find 10 samba buses. And before all they’re super cool too! Did you ever see one fully dressed with early camping accessories? 10 times more nice as a samba bus too! Vintage camping is the way to go, it will be a huge trend in the near future! Why? Because it’s so cool! And we see these trends already rapidly growing in USA and Japan!

This baby had a long travel before it came to us. Made for destination “Germany” it was more than likely a tourist delivery and ended up in USA shortly after new. In 2011 it was exported to UK where a first set of work was executed. In 2014 it went on to France and a second batch of works was executed. Early this year this baby came to us and we finished up the job.

The bus is fully road worthy and ready to enjoy! Some of BBT staff use it to drive to Volkswagen shows and get the “bugs” out of it, so yes, its dialed in properly as we say in our Volkswagen language….:)

The nice thing about this baby is the original color, Dove Blue L31. Most Westies came in two tone colors so the monotone color buses are considered cool because of rarity, extreme rarity and that’s not a joke!

Enter the world of the real Volkswagens, this is your ticket to the epicenter of the Volkswagen inner circle. Enjoy and learn, Volkswagen camping is a fantastic hobby. With three early Westfalia’s in the private BBT collection we really do know what we talk about…

Oh, did you checked out the safari windows in the front?

Contact us for more information, or to come by and check it out in person! This baby has a lot to give, can you receive?

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