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1962 Original SO33 Westfalia, an ultimate early camper project!


Grab this change to own a real 1962 SO33 Westfalia camper restoration project, once finished this is like candy! Sweet and melting in your mouth and a feast for the eye…

This baby is ready for restoration…will be a real piece of jewelry once finished… are You the type of guy that can see an opportunity? Well here we present You a huge one… not for the faint at hearted, but original Early Westfalia campers are about the only Volkswagen buses on Planet Earth that still have potential to go up in value, so if you’re an Volkswagen loving’ investor, here’s your deal!

Off course this baby needs some Tender, Love and Care, and for sure it needs some welding but nothing too bad…. And all parts are readily available… look at the front  panel for an example this  is way better as the average… Cab floors are solid, raingutters and roof impeccable… sides are still straight, underneath You can see this piece of VW history has almost no welding , the cargo area is still very good, mainly campers never had a lot of wear, as they were loaded with furniture… Where can You go wrong? This will be absolutely not a difficult restoration….

What make this bus stands out I hear You asking? First it is an early small tailgate model, what’s really boost value… and second it is a perfect project Westfalia… with typical top hatch still in place …. yammie…

Inside reminds You real well to the psychedelic provenance….:) But the M plate AND the VIN plate shows very clearly the original SO 33 type… this is not a fakie doo but a real beast, awaiting total resto… to become a real super queen, or how went the story from that ugly duck again?

 This is not  a question we want to sell or not… its more shall we let it restore and sell, or shall we sell it “as is”… anyway, we can always help in every step of the restoration process. We have proud BBT customers specialized to recreate early Westfalia interior, and they’re very very accurate! Also body, paint, finishing, partially or complete, we’re here to help you after your purchase!

If You ever dreamed of an early Westfalia, don’t delay and contact us today…

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