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1964 21 Window Turkish and white Samba super survivor!


An original paint Samba bus, who has that? Well You can, if You buy this one… almost unbelievable, right? Well this is not too good to be truth, this is the truth!

Scott McKenzie song “If You going to San Francisco” inspired many, and also Jennifer, a teenage girl back then and ready for some travel and action… she put some “flowers” in her hear, bought this Vw bus in a used cars lot and off she went, discovering a part of the beautiful country she lived in….

Fast forward to 2014, Jennifer is now a single mom with two teenage daughters… money is always short, but hey we still have that VW bus in storage…. A couple of friends and couple of phone calls later and the bus was bought and shipped to BBT!

This baby needed welding, but from the very first moment we saw the paint could be saved, exactly what we did! We did all the welding (pictures available) , we did all mechanics and we did partially the interior refitting, and this baby drives like a new bus! A new 21 window bus, all original type 24, all original paint, largely original interior, brand new headliner and ragtop cover, and a brand new undercarriage as we can say…

This baby fits in our philosophy that old cars may look old… there’s a big difference between survivors and restorations… when You buy a survivor You know You have a good car, we can’t hide anything under original paint! And they look so cool too! Drooling patina, battle scarves You name it what You want… welcome into OUR world of old cars…

Its almost 8 years ago that we could bring an original paint Samba to the public market… if you’re fancy one, I wouldn’t wait too long! Contact us today, once its sold all we can say is sorry!


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