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1964 Incredible survivor Turkish and white kombi!


This real survivor with real history has been of the road since 1973! The old guy that still owned it since used to push! from his drive every morning and sold breakfast at the bottom of a road to ski track in Montana, USA…..somewhere…. He couldn’t drive because he didn’t had a driver’s license! And local police was aware… Now that is what we call “history”, don’t we?

And it only goes better, this bus is a crazy survivor, all original paint, extremely complete, besides middle and rear seat, untouched cabin, and a groovy homemade interior, I know You will kick it out from the moment you get this baby but I let it in to share this momentous with all of you! There must have been a crazy amount of work to make all mini cabinets etc! As You look in the pictures You can see all is very easy to convert into a real cozy interior!

The body is very very ok, except some work on the driver side rocker, even most of the inner rocker there can be saved… all the jacking points, outriggers and cargo floors are solid, the front wheel well area and the cargo floor…. This is an Ace! Believe me! 

This bus came with the 1500 cc engine option in 1964, quiet something! The engine is still there but frozen because of the long years of standing. But as this baby has been really driven for only a few years this will be an easy rebuild I suppose, it’s all there, it’s all original!

Another cool original thing we want to mention is the 5 date stamped 15 inch wheels, all original to this bus!

There’s a lot to say, and we can write a book as thick as the yellow pages (are they still out there by the way???) about this baby, but nothing beats the real thing, get out that lazy chair, jump in your car (or plane if You have) and come here, check out  this baby and be amazed…. as amazed as we are…

Oh yes,  this is a real bus, a real German bus, for a real bus aficionado… for wannabee’s there’s plenty of Brazilian import rubbish out there letely….. leave the real stuff to the real people, thanks.

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