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1964 Very good Double cab split for sale…


This baby is produced on November 03 in 1964 so technically a 1965 model year. On November 12 1964 it was shipped destination USA.

How it ended up in the Canadian west Coast is unknown but in 2012 it was bought by a German who needed one for a customer and was brought back over Holland in to Germany… to share the cost of the transport the German brought another bus as well so he had two in the container end of 2012. The customer choose the other one and this stayed in the workshop. Till early May this year we found out about it and picked this baby up and just drove it home over the Autobahn, a distance of over 400km!

The body is in pretty good shape for being a Double cab workhorse. It need some minor works but nothing bad. Side gates are good and straight. Hard to find on an original double cab! Doors are all good… and the chassis and loading floors (up and down) are in a very good condition. Only some small spots needs attention, but overall its way better as the average double cab you will find.

Interior is clean and complete and all ready to go! The complete rear seat on its pedestal is still intact and all complete.

Mechanically this baby is real good, as said we drove it home on its own wheels without any issues. It need a major service and tune up, but as far as we know nothing can be bad otherwise it wouldn’t be driving so cool!

All in all a cool Double cab that’s real hard to find in this condition lately. It ready and awaiting you, so don’t delay and contact us today!

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