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1967 21 window Samba, in sunny yellow and white...


Let the sun shine in your heart… it will be real hard to look at this happy Samba without it turns a smile on your face! This is a super samba, in colorful yellow and white sunny colors… the spring is here, summer is knocking’…

This is an older restoration that keep up very very well. Once featured in the well renown French Super VW magazine, copy of that feature included in the sale. The front below show some small bubbles under the paint, we did not fix those yet, but can do at a small extra price… also left rocker show even smaller bubbles, very little, this is not worth fixing yet, but if You want it perfect, we can fix those as well at cost… we wanted to offer this nice samba ready to rock and roll at an affordable price in overpriced aftermarket conversion samba world… this is a real samba, no doubt with its chassis number properly starting with type nr 24x, as it should be…  beware for fake and reproductions these days…

We mounted a real strong 1500 single port (“H” code) engine as per original specs, all brakes and wheel bearing been renewed spindels rebuild so this superbus drives just uber nice…. A real super driver ready for instant (top) VW fun!

The custom interior might not be to everybody’s taste, it is for sure cool and add to the bright look of this super samba… well I for sure kind a like it if that may mean something to you? 21 windows for you to look through and a rock and roll bed in the back will let you sleep wherever You strand under the stars… adventure is calling, Hello, are You prepared? You better….

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