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1970 T2a Early bay window E-Z project; solid body with strong engine


This baby has a very very solid body. If You look the pictures right You can see for yourselves. Only real work that we found is the driver side cab floor and the battery tray. The rest of the body has some small dents, little edges plied over and such, but no real problems. Something we should call rock solid!

The engine in this bay is very strong, a real nice 10kgs compression on all 4 cylinders exactly equal, it runs, didn’t idle, needs a service and complete tune up, but at least it’s there, complete and ready to handle.

Inside used to be a Westfalia tin top originally. Interior is long time gone, but what’s left is pretty decent inside. Ready for your idea’s, people carrier, a new camper interior or just a chill bus, it’s all up to you!

All in all a supercool project bus, fairly easy and because of that very well priced. Don’t let it slip away, contact us today.


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