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1971 Adventure wagen tin top camper, the patina bus of your dreams!


Wowh! What a bus! This baby is super straight, has no dents, dings or bosses and is rock solid too! All this is not without a reason. Let me get You the history real quick, as its almost unbelievable.

This cute VW bus rolled of the assembly lines of the Hannover VW factory in September of 1970. The bus came in Chianti red (L31H) and was all ready to export to the United States.

Sold new by Bill Yates motors in San Juan Capistrano with an Adventure wagen camper interior inside. As far as we can trace the first owner was Garmen Lewis Wilson. And more than likely the bus was impounded after a  trip to Mexico in 1973. Smuggling drugs, weapons, or more than likely human beings. Or that’s how far our fantasy can be coupled on the documents that comes along in this transaction.

Fact is, in January of 1974 this bus came up for auction in the Bay area in California and was bought for 688.80USQ dollars (including sale tax) by Mr Robert Stowe from Atascadero. Right in the middle between Los Angeles and San Francisco. This only less as 3 years after the bus was sold new!  There’s also a little Kelley Blue book to determine values of used cars, with some notes from the auction.

Mr Stowe drove the bus for 2 years (about) until he didn’t made it “up the Hill” between Atascadero and Paso Robles. And “Up the Hill” was a small towing and workshop, who was used to get all cars in who didn’t made it “up the hill”, must have been a guy with a vision, LOL…

The engine was pulled and needed total repair,  something Mr Stowe could not afford or didn’t want to spend. So the bus was towed behind the little shop between many other cars, but because the car was relatively young the owner of the little shop decided to tow it to his ranch and “fix it one day” Together with some other Volkswagens it sat for all these long years baking in the California sun, fading the Chianti red paint till grey and orange till we found out from a neighbor “old Will” had also some old VW’s sitting in his yard. We went over, striked a deal and bought this bus. I have to thank my friends Mark and Ray to help otherwise I would never have been able to buy this very special bus!

This makes that this baby was only used for 5 years since new!! We brought it home, cleaned all shit out of it, welded the two battery trays where the batteries had eaten through since sitting in 1975. We mounted a fresh rebuild 1600cc dual port engine and rebuild the entire brake system. We checked the car over and over and made it a fine driver.

The body is really unbelievable as there’s no rust, its super straight, and there’s absolutely no dents, this is a patina bus from your dreams that we make reality. Unbelievable, yes you’re awake and what You see is real, but believe me, I saw many and work with patina cars for many years, this is the ultimate patina, Patina as You hardly never find, so straight and rust free while faded as hell? This is unique, and we’re absolutely proud we can offer a super car like this to the general public. Don’t let it slip away, as there’s no next one coming that’s even close to this one!

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