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1971 T2a Early bay window driver, with sliding roof….


Believe it or not this cute little kombi started life as a Westfalia Pop top. Camper badges can still be found on the right side dogleg. For one reason the previous owners dismantled the pop top and mounted a sliding roof (currently not working). Early Westfalia’s had the same roof  with the same opening like a sliding roof so the roof fits perfectly, no doubt about that. One day the sliding roof can be made working again, to fully enjoy the deep blue skies, or maybe You can mount back a pop top and make it a nice Westfalia pop top camper van again. Choice is all yours after purchase its yours and You can do exactly what you want!

Bodywise this is a rock solid super dry bus, unbelievable. This is clearly visible on the pictures I do hope. When I saw this bus I simply couldn’t resist to buy it because of the immaculate body condition. Something I, coming from rusty & rainy Western Europe, simply crack for!

Inside the camping interior was all removed. Its replaced with an original Bay window rear seat. Being a walk through model all options are open here.

This bus is absolute driver quality. It will bring You where You want to go. All mechanics been sorted by a local Californian friendly VW repair shop. We drove the bus to the port before loading, a trip from over an hour, without any problems down the road. Still, as always, we recommend a complete “ground up” service and checkup before heading off to the public roads.

Being a 1971 model year this bus carry the best of all worlds… 1971 is the only year early body style (small taillights) that carry original disc brakes up front. This makes 1971 the most sought after modelyear of all bay window buses to many!

Camper, freighter, or people mover? You can make what You want... all options are open! Enjoy the pictures.


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