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1971 T2a Early Baywindow Riviera 4 sleeper camper


US made Riviera campers are a special breed, yes indeed. They’re full on pop top campers with  most space in a VW camper bus You can imagine. To find an early bay window Riviera is not an easy one, as Riviera only brought the big pop top campers from 1971. What’s actually the last year of the early bay window, hence the rarity.

The outside of this bus is kind a cool, maybe not real patina, but previous owner did some larger touch ups what blended in with the original paint kind a cool. We love this views and still thinks an old car can look kind a old. Off course when You buy this bus it’s up to You what you want to do with it.

Inside the interior is mostly there, Riviera’s where modular build. What means that every bus is about different. This bus has three seats in the back and the rear one You can convert in a very sleepy bed. Together with the bed on top this means You can sleep 4 people in comfort, while early bay window Westfalia buses only can sleep two people plus two babies. If You want an early bay window, and You need 4 full sleeping spaces the early bay window Riviera is your only solution.

1971 being the perfect early bay window year, with disc brakes, but still the cool upright 1600cc dual port engine. This baby is the top model in camping a VW bus!

This camper is a driver, it’s very decent and solid and only need a real good mechanical service to pass whatever inspection. This service off course we can do at cost after purchase if you want us to. The bus drives, brakes, idles and does everything a decent bus has to do, so the cost of the service might be moderate.

A real 4 sleeper and still the beautiful small bumpers and taillights with the low front indicators, this Riviera early bay window is waiting You! Contact us today

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