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1971 T2a Westfalia pop top easy and solid project camper


That’s right, we offer a real easy and fair mostly complete project camper. If you wanted always a BBB? (Big Buck Bus), but can’t get the Big Bucks together this might be the bus You can afford and finish yourself.

There’s only little welding and the pictures shows that very clearly! It’s easy to see that the battery tray, the few holes in the cab floors and some other little places needs attention, but the bus is definitely not a pile of rust and metal cancer.

Inside is most of the interior there. It needs cleaning and refreshing, but there is definitely opportunities here!

The roof might be the weaker point of the this bus perhaps. Long time ago when the bus sat in open storage the roof blew off in a windstorm. It destroyed the lifting mechanism and the hinges. The roof sits now loose on the bus and thereunder they closed down with a kind of ragtop cover. So the water can’t come in. But some work and attention is needed here for sure.

Mechanically this baby is almost complete, the carb is missing, but the engine turns freely. We didn’t touch it yet so we could keep the price Low low low…)

So that low low low price can be your bargain, we priced this baby real sharp and hope to find it a new and understanding owner who will turn this back in to a real BBB  or as we know by now a Big Buck Bus!

Off course we can help you and execute some or all of the works after purchase at cost. If you’re afraid of the welding or the mechanical part or whatever, just tell us… Its really up to you. We, here at BBT, still love to work and wrench Volkswagens, for over 40 years already… don’t be shy and ask or tell us about your plans, we’re sure we can help you out!

Don’t hesitate to contact us for all further information, we’re here to help you….

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