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1973 Rock Solid Westfalia pop top camper for a cheap price!


This baby drives well, mechanics seems like freshly been gone through. Accelerates well, shifts smooth, brakes are fast responding and electrics that works make this baby a real joy to drive!

The body is even better, this baby is rock solid and super dry, even in weak spots like cab floors or rockers survived so well. We replaced the battery tray, and that was really it! battery trays! Check out all pictures carefully and see how good this baby really is!

Outside there’s a supercheap paint job, the car would had been better off without….:) Inside the interior is partially there. The Rock and Roll, table and bunk seat are there, need new cushions. We left it to your choice, bone stock Westy stuff or nice pastel or flower prints? Maybe You make it in panther… plenty of options here! So one and another makes this a real bargain.

You can drive it immediately, its ready for the road. And with minor interior work You can take it for camping as well! Isn’t that perfect?

Besides that you buy a real good bus, and you can make it easily a rolling project… bring it back to original (we can provide addresses for original Westfalia style interiors) or make it your own and be the perfect planner from how You want a bus to look like from the inside…

Plenty of options, fact is that we sell this bus cheap for what it is, especially with such a solid body as this one and the fact that this is an original Westfalia.

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