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1973 Super clean and nice Westfalia, ready to go!


Imagine You would be invited to an airport. Not just an airport but the Reno Stead Airport Nevada USA. The airport where the most hilarious moments from the movie Top Gun been captured. And that the invitation came from the commander of the airport in person with the question if you would be interested to buy his VW camper?

Even if I shouldn’t buy it, I didn’t want to pass the adventure!

But buying a camper from a stunt pilot (and chief) is almost like warranty for high end stuff!  The man had the camper since the early eighties and had an extensive file of all the bills ever since! Nice history! Naturally this file accompanies this transaction! But way more …. The pilot drove his bus like he flew his planes… always a checklist before leaving, and necessary note’s when he came back!

This westfalia shows at first sight how good it really is. Completely ok and all ready for new adventures! We would recommend a service and tune up before leaving so just you can put the mileage on your service history from zero.

The car was always well maintained! The body was reworked a while ago and as far as we could see the body was resprayed once in the new shiny original color of white. All that looks very nicely and well done, no real remarks here…

Mechanically this baby is a (pilot’s) dream en will bring you more than likely flawless to any destination you want it drive to!

Inside the car is practically new… no remarks at all…. On the question why he sold his beloved bus it became rather emotional and the pilot told me his wife did not want to camp in it anymore. It was an emotional goodbye, and I had to promise the pilot that I really would find a new good home for “his” Westfalia baby. So hereby the call!  

Westfalia’s beautiful as this one are rather rare and don’t come by very often. If You want something “all done and ready” this one is available now …. Don’t wait too long because nice as this one they do not stand long!

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