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1974 Rock solid wunderbus! Unbelievable solid and original peoplemover!


This baby is incredible, and one of the better buses we had lately for sure!

You’re looking at one fine VW 7 seater  people mover, a really spectacular survivor  that carry still a lot of its original factory paint…

This color combo is rater rare, besides so beautiful! Our baby came in one year only (only 1974!!)  super cool combo of Ceylon Beige (L13H) over  Pastel White (L90D) color code on the ID plate says D1R1, pretty special actually. Most color combos on VW buses been used for several years, not this one.

But the body condition, that is something even more incredible. Super dry, no rust, no rot, no cancer, no holes, no corrosion, no pitting, no NOTHING! Yes indeed this baby is supersolid, and dry as a bone…

Interior is nice too… rear bench is all original, middle and front seats we redid using the most close materials we could get our hands on. Headliner is nice, with no rips or damage. Ready to go, plse come all aboard!! 7 seaters are cool!

Mechanical this little gem behaves real well! Start right up, real strong 1800 cc type 4 engine, that push well. Good transmission, good brakes, the only thing we want to suggest (as always) is a good service before you put this baby on the public roads… a service we can provide at cost if you like it fully finished.

Complete, driving and solid, and a cool look in its original paint scheme what else where you looking for?

Just crack, don’t resist, as you will regret for ever. This kind a bus You do NOT find every day… believe me… so contact us today, and take this super baby away!

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