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1974 T2b Westfalia berlin, Super camper Already to Go!


As far as we could find out this nice Westfalia was sold new in Holland, for sure it was restored in Holland in 2004 where after it was sold to Belgium. The pretty strict classic car regulation with the limited use possibilities from back then made the new owner choose for the rather difficult and complex procedure for a real homologation procedure. Something he succeeded… So this baby comes with full Belgian paperwork and can be inspected an registered either as Classic car or daily use in our country, your choice!

This older restoration (2004) holds up very well. It was very well executed back in the day, that we can tell! But, as usable for that time, there’s a few flaws, but definitely nothing bad! The overall look is just amazing and the presentation is incredible cool! Absolutely NO RUST! Rather rare for a European bus!

Inside is just as nice as outside, all complete for use, upstairs, downstairs! The owner even mounted some extra LED spotlights, for bright light and cool reading comfort…J

Mechanically this bus was built with a manual gearbox and a super strong 2.0liter CJ engine, what will bring you simply everywhere, without any troubles!

The last owner told me incredible beautiful stories about his surf trips to the French Atlantic coast or his culture trips in Normandy. Unfortunately his wife became ill and couldn’t travel anymore. Sad story… The Westy became unused, but kept stored in a big dry building! Now the lady passed away unfortunately the owner decided to sell the camper and make long overseas travels and pick up his passion for scuba diving again. Who can tell him he’s wrong? The Westy gave too many memories so we, as trusty parts supplier, got first shot. After a small inspection a deal was made fast…J

Cool campers as this one You will not find every day anymore, ready to leave! Translated that means “Are you ready to leave?”… This super camper will give you many unbelievable moments and bring You to places you didn’t know they existed… Cozy, simple and happy, life can be easy in a VW bus, believe me!

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