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1975 T2b Riviera camper, very easy project


This Riviera camper is a fairly easy project, she’s beautiful and complete and before all still very original.

She needs only little welding (one side cab floor, battery tray and perhaps the outside rocker) the rest of the bus is pretty good and solid…

The mechanics are cool… strong 2.0litre should have be rebuild 30.000miles ago, any way it runs, we didn’t drive it but it has brakes and the clutch and gearbox feels good, so after a good and general “go through” service this will be ready for the road.

The interior is cool as You can see from the pictures and can be used as is.

This baby sat for a long time, hided and tucked away…was it waiting for You?

Did You know many people choose a Riviera now before a Westfalia because not only they are cheaper but before all because they have more room with the lifted roof.

Anyway cool as this one buses don’t appear every day… don’t let this one slip away

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