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1977 Bay window deluxe


 1977 Bay window deluxe, only owned by one family! 

This highly original Bay window was sitting on a drive way from a neighbor of the son of my good friend Rick… under a  tarp, for long… very long! When I asked Brian (the son of my friend Rick) if it was eventually for sale he said we could knock on the door of the neighbor and ask. So we did, and the neighbor didn’t say no…. so Up on removal of the tarp to check out the bus Brian mentioned there was still a child seat in the passenger seat of the bus. Yes that’s my daughter’s the neighbor replied. Your daughter asked Brian? But she’s , what, 23 now? Yes, indeed, was the reply, the last time I drove the VW bus was when she was still in the child seat. Now that’s how long this bus was unused sitting under a tarp on the neighbor’s drive…..

The mom of the neighbor bought the bus new in Kansas when her husband was stationed there for the army. After a year in Kansas they moved back to California. The bus was regular used and exercised. On one of this trip around Lake Tahoe a snow chain loosed and damaged the Right side rear quarter, what was repaired and is the only non-original paint area on this whole beauty. All the rest of the body is all original factory paint what we buffed out for proper presentation. This bus is rock and rock solid! And ubercool!

Mechanically we didn’t refresh this baby yet, the neighbor told me there was a problem with a valve, or a valve seat on cylinder n°4. A bus that has stand so long might also need transmission oil change, grease in the front axle, electric update, brake service etc I guess, it’s all services (and preferably an engine overhaul) we can provide at cost. (parts and labor) on buyers request eventually.

Inside the bus is all complete, with all its original seats, and with the child seat up front! Exactly like we found it…. Seats will need re upholstery, but we didn’t touch so it can show off its originality in full glory!

Are You ready to own a bay window with full pedigree, don’t look further, but check this one out, You can take it out, or let us help You with the recommissioning, its all up to you. It will be not the cheapest bus of the block, but it will be a very special bus, a bus with extreme high cool “factor”… and a beautiful appearance too!

We couldn’t resist, and cracked for this bus. Can you resist?

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