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1977 Late Bay Window super transporter!


This super transporter we found in yard from a small VW shop in California. JC the owner had to close his shop and everything had to go… I passed to see if I could buy some parts, but when I saw this super solid and straight super transporter I was all over it, simply said; “ I HAD to have it”…

JC had this bus for over ten years. When he had it there was a small problem that it drove just fine, but didn’t want to shift in its highest gear from its automatic transmission. JC checked it but decided that this would be for a “slow” period in his workshop… that slow time eventually never came…. And this super transporter just sat in his yard!

JC was very reasonable and so the bus became mine, and was transported to Belgium. This is a rock solid, super dry, extra virgin and straight as an arrow late bay window bus, rarely seen in this condition! This bus spend its life far inland California, far far away from the coast, the beach and the (rusty) scary salt water from the ocean….

We didn’t fire the bus back up yet… but that can’t be a problem, as it certified ran when parked… the transmission can be rebuild, or I can supply another used one along, that was bought for good from a reliable source… we can do all mechanics at cost, it would be a joy… we would simply love to see this super transporter going back on the road one day…

Ever fancied a nice and cool and very good old VW bus? They don’t come any better as this one! Let the hippie in you decide! Grab your change and contact us now!


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