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1977 T2b Westfalia pop top in extreme original condition.


Sometimes there’s cars that give You an upbeat, this is exactly such a car to us. While we saw and had many of these cool Westfalia’s. But to find an so original 42 year old Westfalia is something hardly unseen! This baby is complete original paint, inside out, never restored, only thoroughly cleaned, and yes, that was very necessary!

This baby is so original, it has only very minor touch ups. And if we don’t tell you, You would have a hard time to find out yourself. We cleaned and buffed the bus completely with the highest respect for originality. The dents are to be considered battle scarves and the patina tells you the story of its life!

If You look to the pictures of the wheel wells man can see the quality of this bus, yes that’s all original paint shiny as from the day it left the factory! More original after 42 years of use would be almost illegal. Even the battery tray is still the original and super solid!

Mechanical wise we went through the complete brake system and gave the engine a good well deserved service. The result is stunning, the engine has only 45.000 miles on its complete rebuild and man can feel and taste, this baby flies! The transmission got new oil and shift extreme smooth and don’t make any bad noises…

The front seats got new padding. The rest from the interior was cleaned up thoroughly and kept original as it came… isn’t this a stunning original? Already to camp and have fun!

This baby is already to leave… wherever You live, if you buy this baby, fly in, we pick you up and you drive this super sweet camper home with a big detour over the Alps or the Black Forest. You going to have the time of your life… wish we could take it ourselves!

If you’re interested don’t wait too long, this baby is priced right and we like to sell, first come is first served! We want this baby go to a good home, with understanding and very well maintaining owners, this baby is an artifact, are you its new care holder?

Don’t delay, contact us today!


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