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1978 Late bay super kombi, rocksolid super star!


This late bay window kombi is a real super star! Super solid, extreme dry, unbelievable, look at the pictures to the inner fenders, it’s all still shiny paint! The perfect body, with still pretty decent paint and just enough patina to make it look all right!

Mechanically this baby needs a good tune up, it always drove and we fired up the engine, still runs. Brakes and clutch do feel good but as said we didn’t drive it. A good tune up and thorough service will put this baby on the road again without too many problems, a service we can provide at cost.

Interior is still decent, no middle seat, but walk through and headrest in the front. Headliner is decent too, some detail works perhaps, but nothing big here.

All together this is a real cool bus, with a real cool  (read ”low”) price. A perfect family thing, and a perfect mover, camper, organizer, traveler… you name it, it will be a real VW bus, that will serve You like only real VW buses can do!

Get your kicks on the road with this super star kombi!

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