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1978 late bay window, Ugly but so good!


This VW bus is like the ugly duck, that has big potential to become a real nice swan!!

We all know how that story goes…. This baby has nothing from his views, but this body is rock solid and super dry, unbelievable good bus! You will have to dig high and below to find a better one… it has a small damage on the left rear wheel arch but that’s about it!

The ugly duck do drive already like a beautiful swan, very elegant. Off course the mechanics needs a service, that’s what we always recommend with cars coming from the USA, but this baby drives nice and behave well!

The interior has its full sets of seats… so ready to go, with many!

We see this bus with an extreme high potential to wrap in your company colors, give it a service and go! The perfect eye catcher wherever You bring it! Or just with an outside paint job You can make a perfect cool Kombi deluxe driver bus!

Off course we can help You in the process of whatever You want to with it, choices are yours! We’re here to help you!

Contact us today and secure that dream… secure the ugly duck, and make this baby into a nicer swan!

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