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1978 T2b Late Bay westfalia a very easy project.


This all complete late model Bay window Westfalia is a real cool project. Very solid cab and cargo floors, overall very good body, way better as the average.

The issues that need attention are a couple of pinholes on the roof around where the roof closed in the back, sounds way worse like it is. Furthermore the nose needs some attention as it was dent a couple of times.

Inside all seems complete and all you see in the pictures is what’s coming along!

Mechanics are all complete and the bus was stored running somewhere around 2009, we do not have further information, as the seller told us the original owner passed away. We didn’t wake her up and we have no information about transmission, brakes or engine except it’s all there. We didn’t wake her up especially to keep the price as low as we could!

All in all a real good bus for someone who don’t mind color scheme, for hunter or military people who’re looking for camouflage or the perfect project for a ground up restoration…

This Westfalia is very moderate priced for a quick sale and to make the next owner very happy!

We can execute all necessary works to make this bus a nice driver after your purchase at cost or you can take it away “as is”, all is your choice and we’re only here to help!

We, @ BBT, make VW dreams come true!

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