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1978 T2b Westfalia, in original paint with complete rebuild mechanics


This Westy is a gem without any questions. The body is all original metal, never welded. The only exception is the battery tray what’s replaced and we changed the nose because it was banged.

We used an BBT nose panel that’s been made and stamped by the OE manufacturer. An OE manufacturer is the manufacturer that made his parts for the production lines of the Volkswagen factories. Closer to original you can’t come.

Besides the nose and battery tray all metal is original. There was never ever any rust repair done to this baby. Very clearly to see in the many pictures. This bus is a real rock solid baby!

The paint on this baby is also all original, except for the nose (because it was replaced) and there a touch up on the left rear corner because of some dent repair. All other “battle scarves” are still clearly visible.

The color code is L13A Dakota beige. A very striking and discreet color for a real Westy. In perfect harmony with nature. The paint is still very soft and super shiny. It would be a shame to repaint this beauty.

Inside the interior is mainly complete, and also very well maintained. Gaspit and sink both in very good shape. Upholstery is clean, seats cushions, carpet and curtains been still the original. Some veneer is replaced to keep everything proper.

Mechanics are fully rebuild. Engine had a complete overhaul together with the transmission with only test miles since. The brakes been all new and electricity is completely sorted out.

We all know the saying when it’s too good to be true it isn’t true, but here it is not completely true. Its real hard to believe we could find such a Westy, but we did. And we finished in house. We know the car in and out and therefor can be sure of what we’re saying and writing. It’s not a new car, but it is a very extreme good car!

Btw who don’t want a real Westy in original factory paint, that’s rock solid, never been welded with complete rebuild mechanics all ready to leave?

Don’t delay and contact us today, we only have one like this, and changes we will come up with another one in the same condition are far and between.

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