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1979 T2b 7 seater deluxe in original paint


This baby is cool and clean but has some mechanical issues.

The body is in more than fair condition with only small rust in few places… nothing bad as pictures show very well, the wheel arch right in the rear is the worst, but in general there’s absolutely not a lot of welding to do. Look at the rockers and the cab floor, both are super healthy!

Inside this sweety is cool, without any doubt. The seats are all there, and in nice condition. The headliner is nice and unripped. The overall view is clean, complete and nice.

Mechanical wise the bus is all complete, but the engine has low compression on two cylinders, so this engine needs a rebuild. Something we can do at cost (labor plus parts) after your purchase. The low compression was exactly the reason why this bus was set aside back in the day. So we strongly advise to go through the brakes as well and give this little cutie a complete mechanical checkup.

If you’re looking for a cool 7 seater Deluxe, this can be it, it needs a little work for sure, but it’s a cool little bus in its original condition with only one repaint that hide You nothing and tell you what it is at first sight… All work needed can be provided and finish off at cost. Because of the work it needs the price is cheap.

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