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1984 T25/T3 Vanagon single cab Pick-up, an ex BBT mover!


Believe us or not but this is one of the three vehicles that moved entire BBT to our new building in 2011. Offices, furniture, archives, paperwork, and the complete inventory including all shelving they did it all!

Yes, exactly three of these vehicles did it all for us, and within a week we restarted picking, packing and dispatch, and within 10 days our goods in dept was back to work….We worked hard with the BBT team and our trusty “mules” the three cars that helped us without giving a crimp. We kept this one as one of our icons but decide it’s time to sell because of space needs (again) .

This car has very little rust and do start right up, runs and brakes, all electrics are about to work so a good service would make it all road ready again.

It’s a 1900cc 57Hp Wasserboxer engine coupled on a 4 speed transmission. The car was owned always by an Swedish vegetable shop till we bought it.

Very moderate priced because it served us so well.

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