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1956 Early Karmann Ghia Low light, perfect diver with poor body

Karmann Ghia

This baby left the Karmann factory in Osnabruck in April  from 1956, even within a year from production start… the first owner drove it till 1969 and sold it on to somebody that would “fix it”…

This baby was discovered in his barn in 2014, where it sat since 1969. Nothing done to it. The lucky finder was actually looking for a steering wheel. But the steering wheel came with the complete car!

The car had rust and is only patched to make it a driver, and driving it does, real good… but the body is in a little sorry shape, patched everywhere and has wrong fresh air grills from a later model in the front…. But it’s an early low light and its condition makes it affordable!

The interior is to die for! Very original with its ubercool thin back seats… this is the patina we love and sitting inside you’re in a real early lowlight,  a very nice  and cozy feeling!

Mechanically this baby is all sorted out, brakes, engine transmission, everything works as it should…  and the body shape make the car cheap! Must be the cheapest driving Low Light on the market right now….

Engine is a period correct 30hp (36SAE) build exactly a year later as the car it selves, (april 1957)

This baby comes with pictures “as found” and pictures from the early days with the first owners.

Because of the condition it is we could snap this baby up for a real fair price and priced it also to sell, the fact it’s an very early Ghia  with a very cool original interior is the jackpot here that comes along for free…:-) This must be the cheapest driving early low light available since long time!

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