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1956 Karmann Ghia Lowlight coupe in remarkable original condition

Karmann Ghia

This baby left the Karmann factories in Osnabruck Germany somewhere in April of the year 1956. That was within the first year they start producing Karmann Ghia’s. The destination country was Sweden. Once arrived there it was sold to its proud new owner in the area of Linköping. Served for only 10 years, it was stored in an underground garage until Oskar found it under its tarp completely by coincidence. That was 2014….

Oskar always wanted a bus, but the find of a ubercool 1956 Lowlight Ghia was good as well… Although it took him a while to first locate the legal owner of the car and secondly talk him out of selling this early Ghia to him. But he succeeded and dragged the super early Ghia home.

Once home he called his longtime friend Tobias and together they woke up the Ghia after an hibernation of almost 48 years!  Largely original, it wasn’t that much of a task, but they took all brakes etc apart and rebuild what was necessary. The lower part of the fenders been welded at once. Same time a narrowed lowered beam was placed in the front, and they let sink the car a notch or two in the back, to give that so cool low stance. Thanks God, smart guys, they understood the value of originality and kept the original front axle with the car. Together with some other spares the front axle will come in this transaction and can be seen in the pictures on the pallet. So no problem if lowered is not your cup a tea… before You know You can get this baby back on its original stance…

But look around, this baby is insane original… a true survivor! For sure it was used and it’s no way a low mileage car. But it simply drools from originality! Off course it’s a full matching numbers to start with. But watch that interior… ever seen a so cool original Low Light interior? There out there for sure, but consider them far and between, with this car we give You the full opportunity to become part of the rare ones. Yes that right hereby You’re invited to enter the club of the most original cars… don’t buy it for others or to show off, this is a car you can drool over forever! It’s so ubercool original that’s just a joy for all you senses….

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