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1959 Karmann Ghia Low Light coupe project car

Karmann Ghia

Wowh, aren’t Low Light Ghia’s one of the coolest cars ever build on planet earth?

We got another cool Low Light Ghia project in and are proud to present you;

Vin nr 2465610 build  in May of 1959.

Hardly untouched, incredible survivor that unfortunately needs the welding.   

General structure is ok, and the car is not messed up, that’s what attracted us so hard to this baby. The only work is pure restoration work, You do not have to clean the mess from a previous wannabee or cheapie… :-)

 This baby still has a lot of (rare) Low light parts left as clearly visible on the pictures.

The engine is a correct 30 DIN Hp (That’s 36SAE Hp for our American friends) with Nr 2002931 what was born in September 1957.

Stop that subscription on Netflix and put that Gamebox on a used parts website… give yourself a cool winter project, so You will have a nice ride next summer, ah!  This baby is more as worth it! Welding is not difficult and can be learned!

For all further information, inquiry and/or pricing don’t hesitate to contact us, we’re here to help you, always…

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