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1962 Type 34 Ghia coupe

Karmann Ghia

After our recent discovery (and rescue!) of three early type 34’s in Northern Californian mountains we do have several Type 34’s in stock at the moment …. cool views for the real Type 34 obsessed guy! And the Ghia lover as well!

This October 1962 build model is for sure a good body against most European rotten finds, this car needs floor plates and welding in front and rear trunk.
Body is straight and car is far-most complete! Missing some parts of the tail lights and the middle headlights…

Does look cool from every angle and for being of 1962 vintage it’s a real nice untouched car!

The well coveted Television style push buttons for all controls are still in place! This is one of the very typical “early only” feature.
All the rest on the dash is complete too…

As said, the body is in a general good condition, all corners are solid and do require only minimal work.

This can be yours…. just inquire at one of our sales team….

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